Let’s save some water !

Posted: January 16, 2008 in Save PLANET!
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I am sure that only people with kind heart read this post and hope that you are not an exception to this as you have already started reading this, rite? Anyways, lets come to the point.

Do you know that there is a sever shortage of water in our country? Women walk miles to fetch potable water and we waste water here in cities like Bengalooru just because it does not cost us anything? WATER IS THE AMBROSIA OF LIFE, PRESERVE IT by adopting and publishing the following measures which actually does not cost us any money. I alone can’t help India preserve water, but TOGETHER WE CAN.

Lets save Water. Simple day to day things we can do and influence others to do!

1. Shave/brush using a mug-full of water, do not use running water. Easy, ain’t it??

2. Collect at least 2 bucket full of water used in washing cloths and use it in toilet.

3. Don’t throw water meant for drinking, take only as much as required! Yeh logic laga na?? 😉
4. Don’t throw away stored water when fresh water comes in the morning. You don’t throw away your old mobile handset each time a new model comes in the market, do you?? 😕

5. Use max of 2 buckets of water to bath, more is not needed.

6. Call plumber and stop leakage in your taps, this will save much water and cost you peanuts!!

7. Tell your servants not to waste water. Ensure he develops this habit, tell him why this is needed. He is important as he goes to many places to work and can save water at all places.

8. Girls, kesh kala sundar banao par ganga ko waste mat karo!! Conserve water.

9. If you have a garden and need to water the plants, use enough water but not excessive. Protect plants with cloths in summer.

10. Use water left over after washing veg/fruits to water plants in the garden.

11. If you see any tap running on the roads, please don’t feel embarrassed to go and close it.

12. If you see a faulty tap in the restaurants etc.., tell the manager to get it repaired.

Well, end of the list. Simple, yet powerful to save lots and lots of water. This will help not only India, but the universe as a whole!

And thank you for your patience to read this till the end. 🙂


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