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I shall tell you about the great saint Tukaram.

One day it so happened that a devotee came to Tukaram and said “Maharaj, you are so free and open in your life. You never get angry or upset. You are always so cool and serene. Please tell me the secret of your life.”

Instead of answering his question, Tukaram looked at him for a long time and said, “I can see that you are going to die in seven days”. The devotee was so shocked, he forgot about his question and returned home, thinking over and over again about what the great saint had predicted for him. From then on, he was nice and sensitive towards his wife and children and did whatever he had to do, as he knew he had only seven more days to live.

On the seventh day he went to Tukaram and said “Maharaj, please bless me. I am going to die today.”

Tukaram said, “All right, but please tell me how you lived these last seven days. Did you get angry or upset with your wife and children, friends or anybody else?”

The devotee replied, “Maharaj, I knew I was going to die in seven days. How could I get angry with anyone?”

Tukaram said, “That is exactly the secret of my life. I constantly remember that relationships and incidents can come to an end any moment.”

Courtesy : Swamy Suddhanand