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Competition to our Government

Posted: October 23, 2007 in Politics
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One evening, I was going back to my home on a two wheeler with my colleague. I saw a message on the back side of a car, which read “Please don’t steal. Our Government hates competition.

I was really puzzled. I mean, what does he mean by that? Is my interpretation of that sentence right?

Suddenly I showed that car to my colleague, he just smiled and exclaimed “Ha! What a bold statement. Did you get that?

As any other human, I don’t want to seem so dumb “Of course i got it man.” and we just continued our journey. Later on I felt its an open secrete.

Everybody knows that we are being robbed by our Government still we can’t do anything. You may think of n number of reasons for that but the main one, I feel, is that our Youth is least interested in Politics, in other words least interested in our own Country. Compared to the old generation, our Youth is having all the knowledge and power to fight the corruption and other evils in the today’s society but for no use, as is too busy in his own dreams of fantasy and luxury life. You ask today’s child, what he/she would like to be in future. Maximum answers will be Doctor or Engineer, very less answers will be of IAS officer or Inspector, but none would say Politician. This is our Youth. Welcome to India!

If you think there are any other major factors affecting Indian politics, feel free to put them here, we can discuss over them.