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Got this information from one my friends and thought of sharing with you people.

Suppose you have a number stored in your Nokia cell phone with the Name of the number holder. Have you noticed that, if you dial the number with first three digits changed, same Name appears? Same is the case when you receive a call from a number whose last seven digits are the same as this number.

For example, take a number 98450 98450 for instance. I guess, its stored as “Airtel” in your cell. When you dial a number XXX50 98450, it will display “Calling Airtel”. When you receive a call from a number XXX50 98450 it will display “Airtel Calling”.

I don’t know whether you call it a bug or limitation, but it does exist in Nokia handsets. I tried with SonyEricson cell phones also, but they turned out to be smarter than Nokia.