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Corporate E-mail etiquettes

Posted: November 16, 2007 in Tips
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Here are some points on email etiquettes that will definitely help:

1. The font of mail should be Verdana and font size should be 9.5 or 10.

2. The mail should have a Pyramid Structure i.e. , it should contain:

* Situation: What’s the current situation is
* Action items: What you expect from the reader of the mail to-do
* Information: The information you want to give to the reader
* Conclusion: Conclude with a Thank You.

3. For writing use only Black or Blue color. For highlighting purpose make the word bold. Avoid using Red color as Red signifies danger, so use it when urgent.

4. For greetings in mail:
* For Americans: use Hi
* For Europeans: use Hello
* For Asians: use Dear (Don’t misuse this suggestion. 😉 )

To be more formal we could use Dear Mr. /Ms. followed by Last name or Full name. We should not use Dear Mr. /Ms. followed by First name alone.