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Forgot to mention subject while writing an official mail and feel bad later ???

Yes, it’s a concern for all. A mail without a subject brings a bad impression on us.

To avoid this, just follow the simple steps mentioned below and see the result. 🙂

1. Open your Outlook

2. Press Alt+F11. This opens the Visual Basic editor and then Press Ctrl+R which in turn opens a Project-Project 1 (left side)

3. On the Left Pane, one can see “Microsoft Outlook Objects” or “Project1”, expand this. Now one can see the “ThisOutLookSession”.



20 tips for more efficient Googling

Posted: November 29, 2007 in Tips

For millions of people, Google is an indispensable search tool that they use every day, in all facets of their lives. From work or school, research, to looking up movies and celebrities to news and gossip, Google is the go-to search engine. But instead of just typing in a phrase and wading through page after page of results, there are a number of ways to make your searches more efficient.

Some of these are obvious ones, that you probably know about. But others are lesser-known, and others are known but not often used. Use this guide to learn more about, or be reminded of, some of the best ways to get exactly what you’re looking for, and quickly. If you have some more tips on the same, please take some time to share here by dropping a comment.

1. Either/or.
Google normally searches for pages that contain all the words you type in the search box, but if you want pages that have one term or another (or both), use the OR operator — or use the “|” symbol (pipe symbol) to save you a keystroke. [dumb | little | man]


Useful websites

Posted: November 28, 2007 in Useful

Here is a small list 😉 of useful websites. I know that Internet is an Ocean of sites and I have missed out so so so many of them. So, if you feel like there is a site or a category as a whole which needs to be added to this list, plz drop a comment so as to make it more useful.

Note: Its a pretty long list. Use Ctrl+F to find the required category of sites 🙂



A good one that I got as a forward. And I bet you’ll enjoy reading this.. 🙂
[Please click on the picture to see the entire content..]


Many of us may be wondering how to download the beautiful videos that we see in Youtube or any such video site. At least, I was wondering before. 😉

There are two ways to download a video or audio file from Youtube site.

First one would be to just add “kiss” before youtube in the address bar which will download the file for you.

For ex, here is a link:

I just need to add “kiss” before, so it will become:

Another way is to use the VideoDL site.

This site supports top 3 video sites: YouTube, Google Video and

You will get the files in .flv format which you can play in FLV player or VLC player.

To download these players, use these links: FLV Player or VLC Player.

You can also decode these files using decoders like Riva FLV Encoder or Total Video Converter.

In case you face any difficulties, jus leave a comment.

Corporate E-mail etiquettes

Posted: November 16, 2007 in Tips
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Here are some points on email etiquettes that will definitely help:

1. The font of mail should be Verdana and font size should be 9.5 or 10.

2. The mail should have a Pyramid Structure i.e. , it should contain:

* Situation: What’s the current situation is
* Action items: What you expect from the reader of the mail to-do
* Information: The information you want to give to the reader
* Conclusion: Conclude with a Thank You.

3. For writing use only Black or Blue color. For highlighting purpose make the word bold. Avoid using Red color as Red signifies danger, so use it when urgent.

4. For greetings in mail:
* For Americans: use Hi
* For Europeans: use Hello
* For Asians: use Dear (Don’t misuse this suggestion. 😉 )

To be more formal we could use Dear Mr. /Ms. followed by Last name or Full name. We should not use Dear Mr. /Ms. followed by First name alone.