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After exactly one year from Gagana chukki – Bhara chukki trip, once again we, Volcanoes [ thats what we call ourselves 😉 ] planned for a trip to Kodaikinal & Munnar. And below is the consolidated list of the places that we had been to:

* Kodaikanal
* Munnar
* Cochin
* Cherai Beach

I’ll not eat out much of your time this time by explaining the whole journey, as these are famous places and almost everyone is aware of them. But still, I would like to share some unique experiences here, please bare with me.

We had scheduled ourselves to leave at 10:30pm or so on Friday night but boys will be boys, no time sense.. [including me.. 😉 ]. Somehow we managed to leave before 12 midnight. And this delay did cost us later a lot, can’t help it buddy.

The journey was too long, so we thought of playing some games, all of them were normal but “dumb-shall-act” was abnormal as almost all of us were new to this game and didn’t know how to act to bring out the film names and this lead to an unstoppable laughter.

We headed to Kodaikanal first. And following are the two places on the way.

This is the first one where you can see a falls from a long distance, called as “Thalaiyar Falls“.