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Well, I am using Sony Xperia SL from last 3months and I was pretty happy with its performance until yesterday when I got this error:

Unfortunately Xperia home has stopped

Unfortunately, Xperia home has stopped

That too not once, when I press OK, it was coming again and again, going into an infinite loop. I was really pissed off and thought off calling sony customer care. But then decided to check for any quick fixes in google, and guess what, I found one! 🙂

All I did was go to “Settings -> Apps ->All -> Xperia Home” and choose “Clear data” (yes, even though you are stuck in an infinite loop because of that error. you can still go to Settings page), and the error was gone. But yes, I had to personalize all my homes screens again as they were reset to the factory settings.

Before taking this phone, I was having high hopes on Sony, which took a big hit because of this experience! 😐

Anyhow, please feel free to share here if you find any different issues/fixes for this mobile because it may be useful for me in one of the other way! 😉