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Here is a good piece of article that I got as a mail forward. A good read in deed, enjoy! 🙂

Written on September 22, 2008 by Subroto Bagchi

Those who were tracking the events happened in Banking industry during last week must have got the experience of watching a thriller. These events not only show Dos and Don’ts as far as Leadership is concerned but also gave us a different perspective and made us a little bit matured and wiser. Don’t you think so ??

I pass through this very intersection every morning with so much ease. Today, the pace is skewed. There is a sense of disarray as motorists try to push past each other through the traffic light. The light here always tests their agility because if you miss the green, you have to wait for another three minutes before it lets you go past again. Those three minutes become eternity for an otherwise time-insensitive nation on the move.

Today, there is a sense of chaos here. People are honking, skirting each other and rushing past. I look out of my window to seek the reason. It is not difficult to find because it is lying strewn all over the place.

A tomato seller’s cart has overturned. There are tomatoes everywhere and the rushing motorists are making pulp of it. The man is trying to get his cart back on its four rickety wheels and a few passersby are picking up what they can in an attempt to save him total loss. Though symbolic in the larger scheme of things, it is not a substantive gesture. His business for the day is over.