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Yes, it is! Even though its from Microsoft, I still liked it. 🙂

Its …
* clean
* crisp
* having user friendly GUI
* having no/less adds
* virtually unlimited space
* integrated SkyDrive
* coming up with integrated Skype
And like other mail services, you can link your other accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.. with this Outlook account!

Wow! But I doubt whether I can use all these features.. 😮

I don’t know why but nowaydays I am getting irritated with the social networking site! No, really, I mean it.. I feel like its too much of Others’ than mine. If I just wanna know who all are celebrating their birthdays in this month, I see hell lot of updates on my homepage, and I feel like puking.. Yuck! So, I stopped logging into my facebook account. Well at least not regularly.. 😉

And then, when I first created this Outlook account, I just happened to link my facebook account with this. And today, I find an alert in my inbox, saying “xxxx xxxx’s birthday on 11 Aug” ..! Now, thats what I call.. hmmmmm… ahhhh… whatever… But I just liked it! So, now I don’t need to login into facebook just to see the birthdays.. 😉

One more thing, I can have my Outlook mail id aliased to,!

Hmmmm, looks cool! 🙂