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Posted: October 20, 2011 in Opinions, Thoughts
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Well well well, this post was long pending in my mind and somehow I was reluctant to post it. But what’s the point in giving an advice and you yourself not following it? 😉

Let me take you back to one of those real bad days (not horrible though!) in my life where IT WAS MY FAULT!

My office is in ITPB, usually I take ITPB buses to office, but today as I had to collect my Home Loan provisional certificate to apply for Tax exception, I thought of taking bike to office. I even took one of my friends with me to drop him at his office near Dommalur.

He was late, I was late, so I was driving crazily. And as usual, it lead to some bad moments. First, I narrowly escaped an accident with a Car just after Hosmat hospital signal, but it wasn’t my mistake alone, even that car driver was in hurry! My friend was terrified and asked me to slow down. But I was having full faith in my driving, or you can even call it as over confident! 😮 And again, this over confidence lead to a worst moment later.

His office falls after my bank where I had to collect my document. There was no U turn nearby the bank, but there is some bicycle mark on the median where, I think, bikers take U turn to reach the bank.  So did I and then, suddenly dhadd dhadall..! Another biker who was going towards Marathalli bridge came faster than I expected and he hit my bike on the back side, I managed my bike and didn’t fall but he fell down exactly in the middle of the road. My heart stopped for a moment, thinking about the bad things that might have happened but when I stopped and looked back, he was very much fine, there were some scratches on his bike, and one indicator cover was broken, but nothing much to him. Uffff! I let a sigh of relief. [ That’s why I said it’s a bad day, not horrible tough]

But he was furious at his best and started shouting at me. I parked my bike, went to him quickly and asked him to ‘get the bike outside the road first, later we can talk.’

Now you can imagine the blasting that I might have faced at this moment. The people gathered around two of us were ready to beat me. The first thing I said was “It’s my Fault and I am really sorry!”