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Well well well, this post was long pending in my mind and somehow I was reluctant to post it. But what’s the point in giving an advice and you yourself not following it? 😉

Let me take you back to one of those real bad days (not horrible though!) in my life where IT WAS MY FAULT!

My office is in ITPB, usually I take ITPB buses to office, but today as I had to collect my Home Loan provisional certificate to apply for Tax exception, I thought of taking bike to office. I even took one of my friends with me to drop him at his office near Dommalur.

He was late, I was late, so I was driving crazily. And as usual, it lead to some bad moments. First, I narrowly escaped an accident with a Car just after Hosmat hospital signal, but it wasn’t my mistake alone, even that car driver was in hurry! My friend was terrified and asked me to slow down. But I was having full faith in my driving, or you can even call it as over confident! 😮 And again, this over confidence lead to a worst moment later.

His office falls after my bank where I had to collect my document. There was no U turn nearby the bank, but there is some bicycle mark on the median where, I think, bikers take U turn to reach the bank.  So did I and then, suddenly dhadd dhadall..! Another biker who was going towards Marathalli bridge came faster than I expected and he hit my bike on the back side, I managed my bike and didn’t fall but he fell down exactly in the middle of the road. My heart stopped for a moment, thinking about the bad things that might have happened but when I stopped and looked back, he was very much fine, there were some scratches on his bike, and one indicator cover was broken, but nothing much to him. Uffff! I let a sigh of relief. [ That’s why I said it’s a bad day, not horrible tough]

But he was furious at his best and started shouting at me. I parked my bike, went to him quickly and asked him to ‘get the bike outside the road first, later we can talk.’

Now you can imagine the blasting that I might have faced at this moment. The people gathered around two of us were ready to beat me. The first thing I said was “It’s my Fault and I am really sorry!”

So many words were exchanged but will list down only few of them.
That guy (his name is Kaalesh) said “Sorry andre aagi hoyta, nanage enadru agidre adakke yaru hone?”, which translates to “You think SORRY will solve this? What if something had happened to me?”
“I told no its completely my fault, and I am really really sorry. I am ready to fix your bike, thankfully nothing happened to you and even to your bike, there are couple of scratches, that’s all!”
“Only scratches? This is not my bike, it’s my friend’s. I don’t know anything, you make it as it was earlier.”
“Arre yar, scratches are common in Bangalore. Please don’t think about them. I’ll get the indicator fixed and any such breaks.”
“Common in the sense, I should give the bike to him as it is? What will he think of me? You know what, he bought this bike just 3-4 months back. I don’t want any explanation, You get it fixed!”
“It’s not possible buddy. Anyway, you please wait for 2 mins, I’ll get my document from the bank, and we’ll go to a nearby garage to see what can be done, ok?”

And he agreed without any second word. Good guy! I went into the bank, and they asked me to wait for 2 mins. My hands where still shaking, what if something had happened to him? I considered him a lucky person, and myself the luckiest! 🙂

I came out of the bank and talked to him in calm voice, “I know it’s hard for you, but it was just bad time and we met with this accident, me being the main culprit. But I am ready to pay whatever it takes to repair your bike. By the way, my name is Gangadhar and I work for a software company. What about you?”

“I am Kaalesh, working for a XYZ company (don’t remember the company name :-|). And as I said before, this is not my bike and I want to return this to my friends as it was before.”

“I know buddy, let’s see if there is any automobile store somewhere near here.”

After that it was as usual, we went to a service station and blah blah blah. But the main point I am trying to bring here is, Accept your Fault, it reduces a hell lot of fight, cools down the other party. That means you can have a healthy Discussion on the incident, instead of an Argument!


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