Google Street View

Posted: April 1, 2009 in Opinions
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“Cheating husband caught on Google Street View? – Wife located her husband’s (who claimed he was away on business) car outside another woman’s house and now she needs divorce from him.”

Looks familiar news? Yes, this is one of the headlines in today’s news paper. Looks like Google is helping out people, especially women, in validating the the genuineness of their husbands. 😮

Well, its a great tech achievement to show the streets of a town on your computer screen. But each coin is having two faces. In the same way, this invention is having the other side too. How safe it is to show such a minute details of a town on web? If one can have easy access to a city’s details like this, he can easily plan his moves if he is planning for some disastrous activities. Hey Google, I am not against your innovations, in fact I am a huge fan of you, but my only concern is the way people use technology for bad reasons. In today’s world, where Global Terrorism is main concern, this feature of Google Maps may ease the life of Terrorists. But how far? I really donno. 😀


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