Flash back of the walk under Trees

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Friendship, Thoughts
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Around 1030hrs of 12th Sep, 2007, a mail popped-up in my inbox with the subject “Flash back of the walk under treessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss”.

I was like, what the heck? Why so many Ss? It was from one of my old friends. With some strange feeling I opened the mail which read as follows: [ Its the original content of the mail, so my friend, don’t get embarrassed. I felt it’ll be good to share it as is, to retain its original beauty.. 😉 ]

I asked and almost forced you to come early in the morning at around
6.30 am so that we can go in the cool atmospher bofore sun raised
more. You came at 7.30am and at that time i was having my bath outside
the house, you smilled and felt happy to see somehow lazy fellow than
you, because i only forced more to come early. After that both of us
had breakfast of Avalakki, and left the home at 8.30am. When we gone
to another person’s home to get him for the walk, i felt very bad
thinking that already sun raised more and to get him sun could be
raised more+++, because the fellow to whom we gone to get  was still
on the bed and was sleeping well. we waked up him and he got ready and
sat for to have breakfast and had it like a passenger train….
slowly……… finally we left home at 10.00am…..
So at 10.00am started walk….. To where ….? got it…………….?
Walk for Kadapatti Jatra…………. memoriable walk under trees no……….
Have u remember it…….? how we enjoyed throughout the walk to
Kadapatti, we spent some time in water canal by making boats of leaf,
And we had again breakfast of Junuka rotti and kara enni by which we
carried. and finally reached the Kadapatti at 1.00pm and enjoyed lot..
do u know why i am recalling this..? because tomorrow, Thursday, is
the Kadapatti jatra… do u think we really missing those beutifull
We must make ourselves free  and make those movements to happen
again……… Hopes are there…. plans are there, but need to
implement it…… Will make that again

[Name is censored as our mutual friends will definitely tease him after reading such a grammatically crap stuff from him.]

Well, even though it looks crap grammatically, I was impressed, and touched too. How many of us get a mail which recalls one’s childhood, or college days for that matter? Very few. And on that day, I felt very happy and lucky to have a friend like this. This mail literally sent me back to those olden, yet Golden days.

Each one of us will be having so many such special moments in our life. School days trips, college days hang-outs, chit-chatting with friends, evening walk with someone special, etc etc… We just keep missing them and down the line, forget them eventually, not all of us though. But how many of us try to recreate the same things again? Very few. I’m not saying that we don’t want them to come back but we keep on postponing them. For example, take my case itself. After reading this mail, especially his proposal in the last line, I said to myself “Kadapatti Jatra (fair) tomorrow? Oh shit! This guys should have reminded me few days back, we could have made it to the same again. Its OK, definitely will materialize it next year!”

Time passed away very quickly, the same 7th Sep, 2008 came and went off, none of us didn’t mention about that fair, not even a single bit of it. Why? We were busy with our day-to-day life, working for tommorrow, for a better tomorrow to be precise. But what will do tomorrow? Yeah, you got it right, we forget that yesterday we were working for today and start working for tomorrow, again. Then where is the time to recreate those Golden moments? No where, if one feels so. But if we take a stand and stick to that, we can surely do it. What do you say?

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