Patel’s Inn – a review

Posted: February 10, 2009 in Reviews
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It was the month of December and we had to finish off our routine Team outing activity, otherwise we would have lost the reserved amount. 😉

We were having very short time to decide upon the location, and were supposed to use only half the day for this outing. After a very small discussion and very little inputs, we landed-up in Patel’s Inn.

Patel's Inn

Patel's Inn

Patel’s Inn is situated in R.T.Nagar, Bangalore and we thought it’ll be convenient for all of us to return home in the evening. We reached the base camp around 1:45 pm and as soon as we entered the resort, all our expectations were gone for a toss. I mean, it was not up-to our expectations.

We started off with lunch, which was just ok, even some of us felt it was pathetic. Then we moved on to Badminton court which was literally in need of some cleaning activity. We had had couple of games here and thought to get out to Lawn Tennis. But this court need repair work itself. 😛

Anyway, all of our eyes were on go-carting track and soon after spending just couple of minutes in Lawn Tennis court, we moved on to Go-carting ground. And this is the only place we enjoyed the most in the whole resort, but again only one ride for each individual, not good.

After all this, we thought of resting a bit in swimming pool. And to be frank, the pool is also not up to the mark. Ufff! I am saying the same thing again and again, ain’t I? Well, that’s what I really felt. And don’t ask me about the evening snacks, I am out now. 😛

Oh yeah! I forgot about the billiards. Even though it was a week day, the Billiards room was crowded with the regular visitors. And we were given the least priority. 😦

Bottom line: Patel’s Inn doesn’t worth Rs.550(+taxes) per head when we go for team outing. You can go for individual activities like Go-carting (which may cost you around Rs.120-150), or Billiards, etc.. But as a package? Strictly NO NO!

  1. hari says:

    I agree with your review, we visited this resort thinking of a membership as we stayed near, however the restaurant and bar is unscrupulous, the food is pathetic, in short i agree with the blogger, it is not worth even one tenth of what we spent there, naya bakras beware, maybe you could use the go karting etc on payment etc but if you are using the restaurant or bar be ware, the drinks could get mixed, they could care less, they will serve you stale food hence be ware

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