After Burn Effects

Posted: December 22, 2008 in Opinions
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I wonder whether I am the only one who come across such a situation. 😮
What situation? Being in Blank feeling just after a hectic project.

Well, is it really Blank? Its definitely not as its a feeling in itself but I am not able to give it a name.. During the busy days, I’ll be waiting for some free time. And when that day comes, I browse net, do some chit-chat with friends, etc etc etc.. say up-to lunch.. Then, what else? Nothing, just BLANK.. A feeling, where I start thinking, what next but don’t get any answer from myself.. Its some strange feeling which takes me nowhere.. I don’t know whether its positive feeling or negative, I can’t even tell you whether its good or bad, but yes, I get this feeling after every eventful event.. I call it After Burn Effects.. It doesn’t happen only in office, but in personal life too, after any celebration, like New year celebration with friends, Diwali celebrations with family, or an exhaustive trip.. And I am sure I am not the only one in this space.. But don’t ask for proofs.. 😉

  1. Shajad says:

    Hmm Its very true…..
    You are not the only one 😉

  2. Shajad says:

    And try to add more content for this, like any situation or any incidents;-)
    Which I feel;-)

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