Visit to Bengaluru Palace

Posted: July 28, 2008 in Opinions

After so many days my sister was here in Bengaluru on the occasion of a family function. So we planned for a visit to Bangalore palace.

One fine Saturday, I took my mom and sis to the palace. From outside, it looks really awesome. Even though its very small compared to the one in Mysore, looks real cute. Remember the song from Premaloka?

Anyways, we went and asked the security, for which he said there is an entrance fee of Rs.100 per head.
What? 100 per head?
Yes, you heard it right. And even more, for camera its Rs.500 per camera. I didn’t bother to take ticket for my camera.

I thought there might be some interesting or rare things inside. So we entered the palace. We were given a guide. (And thank god! There wasn’t any extra charge for guide)

We started off with a small dance room which looked like any normal room, but the only difference is that its having some antique touch, not much. And then the guide took us to the conference room, here also same case. The only thing which amazed me are ancient paintings, nothing else. There are old photos of kings and queens hanging all over the walls, and the guide was explaining only about them. I was thinking, what the heck is this guy doing? He is wasting our time in showing these photos. I was waiting for a glimpse of something which can catch me just in first sight. But hey, its THE END!

Yes, that’s it, hardly 3-4 rooms, some ancient paintings, one room filled with ancient furniture, and loooots of old photos all over the walls, nothing else. I felt like screaming at the ticket counter. But….. forget it.

Final words, Bengaluru Palace doesn’t worth Rs.100 entrance fee, never take a chance. Just go and have a bird’s eye view from outside, enough I guess.

  1. Giselle says:

    Thanks for that.. I thought it being a Sunday maybe me and my husband might check out the Bengaluru palace.. But then I guess its not worth it after all.

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