Trip to Kodaikanal & Munnar

Posted: February 21, 2008 in Travel
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After exactly one year from Gagana chukki – Bhara chukki trip, once again we, Volcanoes [ thats what we call ourselves 😉 ] planned for a trip to Kodaikinal & Munnar. And below is the consolidated list of the places that we had been to:

* Kodaikanal
* Munnar
* Cochin
* Cherai Beach

I’ll not eat out much of your time this time by explaining the whole journey, as these are famous places and almost everyone is aware of them. But still, I would like to share some unique experiences here, please bare with me.

We had scheduled ourselves to leave at 10:30pm or so on Friday night but boys will be boys, no time sense.. [including me.. 😉 ]. Somehow we managed to leave before 12 midnight. And this delay did cost us later a lot, can’t help it buddy.

The journey was too long, so we thought of playing some games, all of them were normal but “dumb-shall-act” was abnormal as almost all of us were new to this game and didn’t know how to act to bring out the film names and this lead to an unstoppable laughter.

We headed to Kodaikanal first. And following are the two places on the way.

This is the first one where you can see a falls from a long distance, called as “Thalaiyar Falls“.


Beautiful landscape, from the same view point.


The second one we saw is called “Silver Cascade” where the kodaikanal lake gets emptied into.


One more closer look.


Its been given a bit of artificial touch with the help of some electric lamps and that is the only thing that I didn’t like about this place. Apart from that, its a good place to spare some time.

At last, after a long journey, we reached the Kodaikanal around 3pm, aha! really a mesmerizing place. Its a beautiful place in the forest area. In fact, the name itself means “Gift of Forest” it seems.

There are lots of places in and around the Kodaikanal, but we visited very few of them as were bound by the time limit. And the first of them was “Coaker’s Walk“, named after St. Coaker of the Royal Engineers who constructed this path, which offers a fantastic view of the hills around. Its around one km in length. Have a look at some of them.




The next one is “Pillar Rocks“. Lovely view with mist covering a part of it. I just love this view.


Closer look..

Still closer..

Look at the hill view around. Mind blowing scenery. Isn’t it??


After this pillar, we went to two more view points, of which first one is called “Suicide Point” but don’t remember the second one’s name.



End of day One. We were fully exhausted and had a sound sleep in some junk lodge. Don’t ask me the place or lodge name, i am really very weak at remembering the names. 😉

Second day we started off to Munnar. The place Munnar is not so special but the journey is too good. You’ll definitely agree to “Sometimes the journey turns out to be more Beautiful than the destiny itself!”

Tea estates! No need of any explanation about this beauty as it could be seen in the pics below. Too good, just the way we see in movies. 😉



After this estate, we encountered with one more falls. Its a good place to enjoy but we couldn’t as its been fenced. That stupid fence was there in between the falls and we, otherwise we could have had a nice bath over there. Shit! missing it now. 😦


Here is that stupid fence! 😡


Hope most of you know about the special thing in north karnataka. i.e., Rotti! 🙂
There are different kinds of rottis but we had carried one kind of them, Sajji rotti which is not meant for soft people like Bangalorians or any other south karnataka people for that matter. Anyways, we had a really nice time there, having our traditional food, enjoying the nature’s beauty. Aah! Heaven.

Then continuing our journey towards Munnar, we came across so many wonderful sceneries. Have a look at some of them.





Below is my favorite click in this trip. Amazing photography from me. 🙂
And this place is within the Munnar city.


One more pic from the city.

We thought of staying here but we had a plan of spending lots of time in a beach. So, soon after reaching Munnar, we spent very little time there and started towards Cochin.

By the time we reach Cochin, it was nearly 10:30pm. And we were searching for a lodge to settle down. After a long search, we got some average kind of lodge but at that point of time, we were tired like anything, and were just waiting for a good nap. So, said good night to Cochin city.

Early in the morning, after having breakfast, we headed to Cochin Harbor.
Well, this was the first time that we had been to a Harbor and we were fascinated by the big big ships and some boats belonging to Indian defense. We hired a small boat along with a guide. And there we go!





This one belongs to Indian defense.


The machine which helps for shipping the goods.


Well, it was a nice experience to explore the Cochin harbor. But ahead was a beach waiting for us. 🙂

Yes, last but not the least, Cherai beach. After the harbor, we started off towards the Beach so that we have lots of time to spend over there. And thats what we did! Man, it was real fun to be there and the old memories of Goa (with the same group) just flashed by our minds!

Here is the beach. Can you see a person kiting there?

Fortunately, there was a Musical orchestra on that day. And all this decoration was because of that only. But unfortunately, we couldn’t enjoy that as it was scheduled to start late in night. 😦

Few pics of Sunset.




And that brings to the end of our journey, to my writing as well. Oh my god! How could I write such a long, creepy and boring story? No no, its not that bad! Anyway, I am done with my pen. If you think I can help you with some more information, feel free to drop a comment.

For more pics of this trip, click here.

Suggestion: Don’t delay the departure time as it’ll affect the whole of your journey. Start your journey as early as possible and have enough time to spend in each place. I suggest you to spend at least one full day in both Kodaikanal and Munnar as there are lot many places to see other than whatever I have mentioned here. You can just google for the places to see and plan your journey accordingly.

  1. Marco says:

    i was in munnar, too. what an amazing place!!!!

  2. gangu says:

    ya man, its too good.. m planning for one more trip to the same place in near future..!

  3. Saravanan says:

    Hi I am planning for a trip to Munnar in 2 weeks time and we will also move from Kodai to Munnar. Can you suggest me the scenic route? If you have map it will be fantastic

  4. Gangadhar says:

    Sorry dude, I dont have exact road map and all. We jus headed to Kodaikanal first. from there, went to Cochin, and then to Munnar. To be frank, none of us knew the exact route, but our Driver did. 😉

  5. Pritish says:

    Hi, I am plannnig to go for trip but unable to decide that i should goto Munnar or Kodiakanal. Can you suggest me which is better place as i have planeed for three days trip. So can go to any one of the palce

  6. Gangadhar says:

    Hi Pritish,

    You have 3 days in hand? Great! According to me, within 3 days you can cover both them, spend one day in Kodaikanal and the remaining two in Munnar. To be frank, we covered all the above mentioned places in jus two days, I know that its too less but we didn’t have that extra leave. 😐

    Final words,
    3 days + Kodaikanal + Munnar = Heavenly experience! 🙂

  7. nk panjwany says:


  8. Vijayendra says:

    It was nice to see the pics…
    Its time to experience the things…
    Can you tell me how to go to Munnar from Kodai?

  9. Gangadhar says:

    @ Vijayendra
    Thanks for you comment.

    I really don’t remember the exact route, but still I’m trying here:
    Kodaikanal -> Periyakulam -> Bodinayakannur -> Munnar

    I strongly recommend you to refer some other sites/maps to get the exact route.

    @ nk panjwany, thanks for your comment. Its not only Amazing but breathtaking experience!

  10. vinose says:


    I am interested to visit Thekkady, Kodai and Munnar then Ooty via motor cycle [Enfield Bullet].

    I know Thekkady and Kodai. But i have a question. Is it so rainy in the month of November (during first week) for motor cycle travel. Again, Is the Kodaikanal – Munnar road which i can see in map use for travel usage?

    How Munnar – Ooty road route? Is it so clear?

    My plan will be Tirunelveli – > Madurai – > Theni -> Tekkady – > Kodai -> Munnar -> Coimbatore -> Ooty.

    In between we planned to visit in and around places. But the trouble is Kodai Munnar travel road. Do you give me the clear view of this route by road. I dont want to repeat the road route.

    If any one update me the clear road route, that would be fine.

    I am based in Tirunelveli.

    Do suggest me via



  11. Moloy says:


    Dear Gangadhar,

    Your pictures are indescribably beautiful ! Makes me want to set off at once! Three questions — if we want to drive from kodaikanal to Munnar, how long will it take? how are the roads? what is the experience of the drive?

    We would love to go around Jan/ Feb, and would sincerely appreciate your feedback.

    Many thanks,


  12. Gangadhar says:

    Hello Moloy,

    Thanks for your complements!

    * The distance between Kodaikanal and Munnar is around 185km. And for us, it took more than 7hrs as we spent some time here and there, enjoying the nature.

    * Road is not bad but not good either. 😐

    * And the experience was too good. As I’ve already mentioned in the post, the journey is more beautiful compared to Munnar itself.


  13. Dharma says:

    Iam also planning to go first Kodaikanal, then next munnar.
    Can you sugget how to go? I mean which one is good either engague a car or bus?

    • Gangadhar says:

      Hi Dharma,

      Its better to go by private car. If you go by bus, you have to get down where there is a stop, so you can’t enjoy the journey. But in case of your own car, its your will and wish. 🙂

  14. SANDEEP says:

    REALLY A VERY GOOD DETAIL ABOUT BOTH THE PALCES. I am going with parents to South and have two days , Pls suggest
    1DN at Kodai
    1DN at Munnar

    or 2DN at Munnar

  15. mallikarjuna says:

    hi sir we college students have planned to come for an trip to munnar and kodaikanal so [please do suggest us how to do so and wat r the places we can visit withis days over there.

  16. shinoy says:

    For more photos of kodai….
    Visit The Traveller

  17. hussain says:

    HI Sir

    Hi, I am plannnig to go for trip but unable to decide that i should goto Munnar or Kodiakanal. which is more pleasant and beautiful

  18. hussain says:

    HI Sir

    Hi, I am plannnig to go for trip but unable to decide that i should goto Munnar or Kodiakanal. which is more pleasant and beautifu

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