Trekking @ Shivagange

Posted: December 18, 2007 in Travel
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1st of Dec, 2007.. Chilling, yet lovely weather.. 6 friends.. Bike ride at 4’o clock in the morning.. Feels exciting? Well, it was and it is.. 🙂

We thought of leaving early, so every one got up at 3am.. At sharp 4:30am, we all were there at the Navarang signal (Rajajinagar, Bengalooru), having hot-hot Tea from a road-side hotel.. From there, we started our journey..

Its the Tumkur road (NH 4) which leads to our destiny. Its a nice flat road where you can enjoy the ride like anything.

Ride on NH4

The whole journey of 2hours was really mind blowing, with lovely sceneries around and sips of hot coffee in between.

Shivagange (or Shivaganga) hill from a long distance.


Actually its a journey of 1 hour but because of girls, it turned out to be 2. No hard feelings girls, its a fact.

Anyways, lets come back to our journey. After having covered 44 – 45 km, got the following sign board. Here onwards, the road is too good 😉 . I am not saying that its too bad, but just ok kind of road.

sign board

Have a look at some of the snaps:

The tip of that mountain is our destiny

Sun, showing his face.
Sun rise

Aha! Here comes the entrance to the temple, we call it as Gopura in kannada.

Basavanna welcoming us to the temple.

There are so many miraculous temples there (but i don’t believe any one of them, thats a different story 😉 ) and this pic shows the way to one of them.

Olakallu Thirtha

See the path we crossed to reach the top.

Way to temple

At last reached the top, I mean the Temple


Having a look at the lovely view


One more bird’s eye view
bird’s eye view

Temple from a distance
Temple from a distance

The place where they light the lamp on the occasion of Sankranthi(Month of Jan), we call it Stambha in kannada (Don’t remember the exact name 😐 )


Last but not the least, Basavanna on top, giving a lovely pose. 😉
Top Basavanna

There are two ways to climb the hill, one is easier one and one a bit difficult and we took the later, without knowing of course 😉 , but it was really fun to cover that distance. but while coming back, we took the other one where we visited the “Olakallu thirtha” temple got some thirtha. 🙂

After all the trek, we had some snacks to get some energy. While coming back, we had lunch at a road-side Dhaba (near the “41km to B’lore” mile stone). I don’t know whether it is because we were to much hungry, but the food was too good. After the food, back to pavilion, we came back to this “concrete kaadu”. THE END.

Suggestion: Try to leave early as we did because lots of people visit this place, especially the weekends, and too much of crowd is always a barrier for a good enjoyment. 😉

Thats it for now. Feel free to leave a comment in case concerns/doubts. And in case appreciation too. 8)

  1. meera says:


    There are beautiful pictures seeing

    this i feel to go.

  2. Gangadhar says:

    Yes Meera, really its a lovely place..

    And you’ll enjoy a lot if you go on bike and leave early in the morning.. take my words for that.. 🙂

  3. Divaker says:

    very good and it was so spectacular experience while looking to your photos sure i will visit this place with out fail thank u after all for all types of guidance thank u again.

  4. Gangadhar says:

    Any time Divaker! The pleasure is mine.. 🙂

  5. setty says:

    The main temple gavi gangadhareshwara which converts ghee to butter should have been covered in this episode.

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