How to download videos from Youtube

Posted: November 22, 2007 in How To
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Many of us may be wondering how to download the beautiful videos that we see in Youtube or any such video site. At least, I was wondering before. 😉

There are two ways to download a video or audio file from Youtube site.

First one would be to just add “kiss” before youtube in the address bar which will download the file for you.

For ex, here is a link:

I just need to add “kiss” before, so it will become:

Another way is to use the VideoDL site.

This site supports top 3 video sites: YouTube, Google Video and

You will get the files in .flv format which you can play in FLV player or VLC player.

To download these players, use these links: FLV Player or VLC Player.

You can also decode these files using decoders like Riva FLV Encoder or Total Video Converter.

In case you face any difficulties, jus leave a comment.

  1. GYKenny says:

    I’m gonna bookmark this one for sure.
    Till now I was using

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