Rafting & Trecking @ Bheemeshwari.!

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Travel
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Man, its real fun to Raft in a river. What a fun it was! Too good.

Even though this Bheemeshwari is said to be of level 1 or 2 (not sure) but its good for beginners like me. Before I start bugging you with my talks, let me show you some pics of the place.




Approximately eight and half kilo meters of Rafting, good food and Trekking.. Enough to have fun, rite?Well, let me explain our journey. We left B’lore around 7’o clock in the morning, had breakfast on the way, and reached the camp around 10:30 am i guess. Actually we had planned to finish trekking before rafting, but we were scheduled at 12:00 noon, so we had no choice to go into the water.

But we were having some free time before that, so we jumped into a BIG net there. That was the first time that i had seen such a BIG net, so couldn’t stop myself from jumping here and there.

Finally, we moved on to what we were there for, Rafting. Almost one hour of full adventure. In the middle of that, the ppl sitting in the other raft went straight into the water. Later i got that the captain only did that intentionally but some of them were really scared. I wish i was there on that. 😉

On the way, we got a chance to show our swimming skills. But careful, a sweet little crocodile may wish to have fun with you. Got scared? Don’t worry guys, the captain of your raft knows where to allow for swimming and all that.

After the mind blowing rafting, we spent some time in the water, just to relax. Then went back to the camp, there’ll be a separate jeep to take us. Had food at the camp and left for the Trek. Its real hard to trek after having food, and its more awful when the sun is having fun by shooting us with his hot hot flames. But still we made it to the Top. You’ll get to see the beautiful Bheemeshwari shore which looks like..



Mind blowing no..?? Interested??

If yes, then follow the below link for more information:


And follow the below link for some more pics. (Only few are there, others cannot be displayed.. 😉 )


Suggestion: To have maximum fun, make sure that you do Trekking in the morning and Rafting later on.

Ok then, this much is enough for now i guess. Had any doubts or concerns, revert back, ready to answer. 🙂

Have a nice time!

  1. amogh says:

    good info dude..

  2. sanil says:

    Can yu give me any information on any agency to approach for this package?

    I stay in Bangalore.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Gangadhar says:

    Hi Sanil,

    We went through the CareIndia agency, link given in the blog itself.


  4. sneha says:

    nice stuff. i do some travelling as well.
    we are going for 1 day trip to bheemeshwari with our own transport. wanted to know how much you guys paid for the rafting.


  5. Gangadhar says:

    Hi Sneha,

    Sorry for delay in response.

    If you are going by your own transport then i guess you’ll need to pay 900/head (check out the link given in the blog for latest price) which includes breakfast, lunch, rafting and trekking.. but there is no separate charge for individual activities..


  6. Leela says:

    Hey I want to go to this place in this weekend. Can you please tell me whether we can go by our own and then book for the One day Visit?? Do you have any guide.

  7. Gangadhar says:

    Hi Leela,

    You can always go by your own and do the Rafting+Trekking. But if you are planning for base camping there, then I think you have to opt for their transport only. (refer the careindia link given in the blog for more details).

    And regarding the Guide, don’t worry, they’ll arrange for it and the charges for them is included in the fees that you pay.

  8. Nice pics…I will be visiting Bheemeshwari this month…


  9. manojna says:

    v r actually plannin to go by our own transport.i checked out the careindia side mentioned here.but there package was mentioned only for the rafting.trekking is not mentioned in that .did u ppl go both for trekkin+rafting in the same package?pls guide me

  10. joyanta says:

    Hi Gangadhar,
    I was also planning the same to bheemeshwari river rafting but their prices are too much and not the Rs. 900/-.

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